ND(natural disasters)

"ND" is a project that I started in 2019 on my observations and thoughts about natural disasters.  From my youngest years, I am fascinated by the outbreaks of nature and its strength.

For some time now, this fascination is doubled with a deep conscience of the destruction and woe generated by the moves of nature.

And far from upsetting me, nature keeps on fascinating me, thinking that nature simply follows its way, that it goes forward since the dawn of time  in violent explosions or in slow transformations and that what causes a problem is not what nature does, but the cohabitation of nature with man.

For me, this work is a way to use a metaphor to express my feeling of worry about the negative actions of human race. Actions that have an impact on nature itself but even more on other humans.

A human has the power and the knowledge of not doing evil.

Nature simply follows its cycle of life and death. 

© 2017 by Natascha Segers.